The Natick Hockey Alliance was established in 1998 for the purpose of providing Natick High School with the time, talent, resources and organization to support and sustain a quality High School Hockey Program.

The Natick Hockey Alliance has accomplished many things over the years including the purchase of:

• Natick High School items for the William Chase Arena:
-Natick High School Hockey banner
-Bay State League Hockey banner
-Natick High School “Red and Blue” logo for the ice surface
-Natick High School community bulletin board

•Natick High School Boys and Girls Varsity and Boys Junior Varsity Teams:
-Purchasing team jerseys and socks
-Purchasing player equipment bags
-Purchasing hockey supplies such as tape and pucks
-Payment for pre-season tournament and Jamboree fees
-Payment for buses/team events not covered by Natick High School

•Annual Natick Hockey Alliance Sportsmanship Recognition Award
•Annual scholarships for graduating seniors

Your support is recognized by advertising,  becoming a member of the Natick Hockey Alliance and participating in pre-season fundraising efforts.​

Come visit the William Chase Arena to see the “Pride of Natick” showcased on ice.
We wish all of our teams fun and success in the 2017-2018 hockey season!

Maura Flynn, President
Ben Bailey, Vice President
Sarah Burr, Treasurer
Amy Lucenta, Associate Treasurer

 We can be contacted by mail at: 
PO Box 12
Natick, MA 01760